Tiago Barros joins Signals as Founding Member

We’re excited to announce that Tiago Barros has joined the Signals team as Founding Member. Tiago will bring his expertise in publishing, peer review and creating products for publishers and researchers to our team. Previously, Tiago had different roles in publishing and tech startups, including VP of H1 Connect at H1, Managing Director of Faculty Opinions and Sciwheel, and Product Lead at Publons, where he worked alongside Signals co-founder Andrew Preston.

Tiago has authored several studies on peer review and predatory publishing integrity, and has a deep interest in products that sit at the interface between scholarly publishing and research. As a researcher at heart, Tiago will support Signals in building strategic partnerships with publishers and lead the development of Signals products for institutions and researchers, helping us to achieve our mission of restoring trust in research.

From Tiago on LinkedIn:

“I am excited to share that I have joined Signals as a Founding Member.

As my network will know, I’m a researcher at heart (who thankfully left the bench at the exact right time before breaking too many things), and as such, I am continuously trying to find opportunities to improve research and the life of researchers. In that spirit, I always believed that it is imperative to change the way we assess research, especially now when trust in the scholarly record is eroding.

It didn’t take long after Andrew, Elliott and I started talking about the concepts behind Signals to realise its enormous potential. It sits at the crossroads of technology, scholarly publishing and expert insights, exactly where it needs to be to restore trust in research. I’m looking forward to draw from our experience at Faculty Opinions/H1 Connect, Publons, PeerRef and Cassyni to build products that researchers, publishers and institutions can rely on to identify the most valuable and trustworthy research. 

We have a huge mountain to climb, but I have no doubts that we can succeed with our commitment to Signals’ mission, our amazing team, and most importantly with the support from the research community.

Please get in touch if you want to know more about our plans. Signals is already providing amazing results and we are working on some exciting ideas.”